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January 19, 2018

Debra Kirschner's parody video "Who Wants to be an Oligarch?" featured in Alyssa Milano's blog "Patriot Not Partisan." This satire video makes following the money fun as Contestant Donnie Trump answers a series of multiple choice questions about the his suspicious multi-year relationships to Kremlin operatives. Could the so-called "nothing-burger" be more of a "something-borscht?"

The NYWIFT Ravenal Foundation Grant supports the production of a dramatic feature film from a female second-time feature film director over 40 years of age. Grant funds may be used for pre-production, production, or post-production.

The Tollbooth comically explores a Jewish family from Brooklyn through the eyes of Sarabeth Cohen (Sokoloff) – a struggling painter in her first year out of art school.  Sarabeth and her older sisters Becky (Stauber) and Raquel (Menzel) come of age and question the values of their traditional parents.

ITVFest (the Independent Television and Film Festival) is the original public festival and creative network of the world's best independent television pilots, webseries and short films.

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