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Dec 20, 2016


A democratic strategy to take control back of the political narrative. Suggestions include holding town halls in fifty states, inviting veterans and handing out pocket constitutions.

Nov 10, 2016


A window into the broken hearts of those deeply troubled by the results of the election on November 8, 2016.

Nov 07, 2016


As I ponder how the man with the heart (and hands) five sizes too small has managed to inspire so much loyalty from his strongest supporters — I realized it’s not a matter of how. It’s Who. Cindy-Lou Who.

Sep 28, 2016


A call for dancing on the street if we are smart enough to elect Hillary Clinton.
Imagine two full weeks where creativity is your only priority. Then, picture yourself in a majestic location, surrounded by writers from around the world, where you are supported by a generous staff and brilliant mentors to help you tell the best version of your story possible. And… you’re eating epically delicious food.
A review of Prospect Lefferts Garden eatery Gandhi
A review of Midwood Flats and Bluebird Wine & Spirits in Prospect Lefferts Garden.
A review of Midwood Flats and Bluebird Wine & Spirits in Prospect Lefferts Garden.
In this video review, today’s host, Carmen Mathis, sits down with panelists, Ilene Rosen and Debra Kirschner at Mojito Cuban Cuisine in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, New York, to discuss this award-winning and riveting thriller. They also review the science fiction online short, True Skin, which is written and directed by Stephan Zlotescu.
Host Stefanie Alleyne meets up with today’s panelists,  Debra Kirschner, a screenwriter and filmmaker; Amanda Adams-Louis, a photographer and teaching artist; and Helene Abrams, a filmmaker, actress and educator, at Forty Weight Cafe, a co-op coffee shop and restaurant located in Park Slope, Brooklyn to review the heartfelt and critically acclaimed documentary, “Bully.”
How often are you told that following your dreams and being practical about your career are notopposing ideals? 
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